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Kristine Rosenquist, LMT has been a practitioner of massage for over five years and currently lives in Portland Oregon with her son. Her love of massage began at a very young age by giving her mother and grandmother massages. While in her 30's, she mentored with an Energy Healer and realized her greater calling for massage. She formalized her education in Bend and completed the massage program at Central Oregon Community College in 2004. She has worked in luxury spas and wellness centers in Ashland and Portland.

Kristine has worked with two mentors since 2014. Having experienced leading edge therapeutic work; tapping, energy healing, bodytalk, and breathwork, she has developed the BodyWisdom technique to help promote healing for individuals on a deep level. Pain is a signal to your Higher Self that something isn’t right within your body/mind/spirit matrix. Kristine uses her intuitive gifts and follows the guidance that comes to her during a BodyWisdom session to offer just the right mix of bodywork and shamanic healing to promote wellness and ease pain in the body/mind/spirit. Kristine facilitates one-day and weekend BodyWisdom workshops. Continue education certificates are available.

BodyWisdom can help support people with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, indecisiveness, grief, headaches, limited range of motion, trauma, increase joy and happiness, and letting go of old thought patterns that no longer serve you.

Register for BodyWisdom Uncover & Discover Your Inner Wisdom workshop!

Sunday, February 25th from 9:30am-3:30pm

Cost $74
6 CE hours available

Through ritual, writing, and emotional release excerises, explore the Self in the past, present, and future. Pain is a signal to your Higher Self that something isn’t right in your body/mind/spirit world. Join with a group of women and discover your unique answers to quesiotns you may not have thought to ask.

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“Kristine created an ease and flow that helped me feel safe. Her instructions were clear, direct, yet flexible.” Holly M., RN

“Everything was helpful in this event. Easy location and Kristine’s attention to every detail, her candidness, professionalism, and experience made this event a success on many levels.” Amber C., LMT

Massage Modalities

Deep tissue, Swedish, myofasical release, trigger point therapy, and energy balancing.

Kristine's style of massage is best described as an intuitive fusion of techniques to best serve the client's needs.


$8060 minute massage
$10075 minute massage
$12090 minute massage

Wellness packages

$300    Four 60 minute massages
$380    Four 75 minute massages
$460    Four 90 minute massages


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First Appointment: $188

In your first appointment we will explore various techniques to tune into your body's wisdom. You will learn more about listening to your body and develop a better sense of your intuition, insight, and connection to who you are. A Releasing and Relaxing experience. If any intuitive guidance comes in, that will be shared as well. Follow-up email support is also included.

Follow-up Appointment: $155

The follow-up BodyWisdom session may pick up from where we last left off or a new agenda based on what the client wishes to focus on releasing. If any intuitive guidance comes in, that will be shared as well. Follow-up email support is also included.


Beginning Meditation: $111

Learn different meditation techniques and find the one that is best suited to You. We will explore together Breath, Mantra, Candle gazing, and Chanting. This is a great way to discover the perfect meditation fit for YOU!

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MODA health insurance is accepted, and auto accidents are billable.